How Did We Get Here?

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If you told me 4 months ago that we would be starting a medical themed YouTube Collaboration, I would laugh. If you told me I would have almost 25 THOUSAND instagram followers, again, I would laugh, and if you told me I was doing this all as a 4th year medical student getting ready to apply for residency, again I would just crack up.

But I’m here, it’s happening and nobody is laughing.

This isn’t about me though, this is about The Med Life and what is to come.


I started The Med Life with my good friend Josh in March of 2019. Just like we had done with our previous channel “The Pre-Med Life” we started making YouTube videos to the best of our ability. This time, it was different. Right off the bat, our videos were more professional, clean and concise. I was confident we would catch on this time, finally able to reach all of the medical students of YouTube to help them reach their goals.

However, it became clear quickly that the YouTube algorithm had different plans for us. Everyone that saw the videos loved them, but the number who actually saw them was painfully low, especially for how much time and money went into them. Just the cost of our gear to make these videos was staggering. With that, we decided to launch an Instagram to help promote our YouTube.

It caught like a Wildfire. The Instagram ballooned over the next few months and really helped drive interest in our YouTube channel too.

But still, even with the new traffic the numbers were low. The same message “I love your videos” but the same issue of just not enough exposure. So I started to think, there are tons of “med vloggers” out there and tons of “med IG’s”. What no one has done yet is make one big “Med Family”.

When I started the channel I wanted to show what the “Med Life” was like and it hit me: What better way to do that, then to bring creators from all different medical backgrounds together on one streamlined platform. Easy for the viewers to get consistent great content and easy for the creators to just focus on being awesome content creators. It takes the stress off the creators to have to secure an audience, and the viewers don’t have to waste time scouring hundreds of YouTube videos that are being shown based on what the computer WANTS them to see.

Essentially, YouTube changed, and for whatever reason it was like a wall to us. Rather than try to constantly get stronger and knock that down, we teamed up to be tall enough to climb over it. Healthcare is a team effort, why shouldn’t your “med vlog” content be the same.

Well that was longer than I was expecting, but I wanted to give the short version of our story. Who we are, why we’re doing this and what we really hope to bring you. We really hope you will enjoy our new format and that you will get interactive with us too. We love to respond to all of your comments! So what are you waiting for, head on over and check out our videos!

Drop a comment down below and let us know if you subscribed :)

All the Best,

-Adam Goodcoff