How is School Going?

Hey how’s school going?”.

I get this question at least 10 times a week from so many different people. Family, friends, relatives etc. But often times I find myself hesitant to answer this question. How do I even begin to describe how difficult PA school is to people who will never understand. In order for someone to understand the everyday obstacles I face in PA school, they’d had to have experienced it themselves on a personal level. So I just brush it off and briefly say “Schools okay, everything’s okay, I’m okay.”

The truth is, people who aren’t in the medical field have no idea what people in it go through while in school. They simply won’t really understand until they experience it themselves.


That’s why I love talking to my friends in Dental, Medical, PA, Nursing, and PT school, because we all share similar experiences and actually understand the difficulties we each face. We understand that when we are studying, we aren’t just studying to pass a test, we are studying for our future patients, we are studying because we will be responsible for people’s health. 

So “How is school really going?” It’s challenging, unrelenting at times, but in the long run, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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